Wednesday, December 28, 2011

WNBP: Where We Left Off...

When last we left our intrepid Sheepie, she was suffering from the world's worst cold ever in the history of viral infections, had been strongly advised to take a pass on the two days of teacher workshops and the holidays were looming.

Did Sheepie take the days off when they were kindly offered?  Has she been lost in a pile of used tissues and has she been missed yet?  Did she make it to Christmas dinner with wrapped presents in hand?  Did she have enough of a voice to cry out, "God bless us, every one?"

These questions and many others will be answered in this week's installment of The Wednesday Night Bullet Post!!

*I did, in fact, take both workshop days off as my director instructed.

*I thought about going in for the Friday session, but I was still blowing solid matter from my nostrils so it seemed like a bad idea.

*Plus there was some "weather" going on.  Not much, but enough to justify staying home in bed.

*I'm feeling much better now.

*My voice is back and I hardly blew my nose at all whilst wrapping Christmas presents.

*I did not cry out God bless us every one at any point during Christmas dinner, but I could have should I so desired.

*Still sneezing every now and again and I'm tired beyond all reason, but that is about it.

*Finally realized what a toll the whole thing took on me when I went to a post holiday sale and forgot my purse in the Walmart parking lot.

*The parking lot!  Like...right there in the cart!

*How does one forget one's purse in the cart?????

*I mean, I can see leaving it in a dressing room or on the roof of the car.

*I'm not saying I've done that or anything.  I'm just saying it seems like something someone MIGHT do, is all...

*I got my purse back, thankfully.  But I'd driven all the way home before I realized that it was sitting in the Walmart parking lot.

*I used a gift certificate from my parents to go out and buy a couple of new purses.

*The kind with a long strap that you can hang across your shoulder and never take off.  You can even sleep whilst wearing your purse.

*That way you will never leave it in the Walmart parking lot.

*One of my greatest joys in life is visiting with people who have young children and gifting their offspring with the loudest toys I can find.

*I stay long enough to teach the little bundles of joy how to use the new device and spend some quality time observing just how much noise it can make.

*Then I go home.

*That is a very mean thing to do, but I can't help myself.  It is my only vice.

*Karma came to visit for Christmas this year.  Mommy Sheep gave Da Boyz a new cat cave.

*The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty loves cat caves.  They are his favorite thing.  And the new one is no exception.

*Love, love, love!!!

*But it is the crinkly kind.  Sometimes I hear it rustling and that is OK.

*However, the AGK has learned that if you hit it juuuuust right and with juuuuust enough force...

*You can make it go, "BAP!!!!!"

*"BAP!!!!!" is the loudest noise in the history of forever.  It is even louder at 2:30 in the morning or when you are settling in for a nice afternoon nap because you are tired from the 2:30, "BAP!!!"

*I'd take it away, but I'm feeling like this is the universe's way of paying me back for all the drum sets I've bought for kids that aren't mine over the years.

I also don't really have the heart...

*He doesn't always make it go "BAP!!!!", after all.

*Is it weird that one of my most favoritest Christmas gifts is a kitchen scrubby brush shaped like a skull?

*It seems kind of weird to me, but what do I know?  I do know that I've been scrubbing stuff in the kitchen with it and that is kind of weird...

*I'm not really much of a scrubber.

*Now that the holiday is behind me, I can get down to the business of vacationing in earnest.  I got the napping thing down pretty good today.

*I thought about scrubbing something but figured I'd done enough of that for a while.  The skull seemed kind of sad about it.

*I've also gotten in some really good reading time.

*I kicked some serious book butt with the Elemental Assassin series.

*If you recall, I started with Spider's Bite (Elemental Assassin, Book 1)

*Worked my way through everything up to Spider's Revenge (Elemental Assassin Books)

*Lots and lots of virtual pages were flipped in between sneezing and wrapping and the big, loud BAPs!!

*As so often happens, I was at a loss after that.  So I went back to an author I knew I liked.

*Ended up with Skin Deep (Laura Blackstone, Book 1)

*Quite good.  Not a favorite, but quite good.

*Enough that I picked up the sequel.

*Face Off (Laura Blackstone, Book 2)

*I generally don't like to read the things that other people are reading.

*The very idea that I am part of the masses is just painful for me.

*But I'm starting to think it might be time to break down and read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Movie Tie-in Edition) (Vintage Crime/Black Lizard)

*It seems like the right thing to do.

*Plus I've got the time right now what with being on vacation and all...

*And I don't want to resort to scrubbing again.

*And there is every reason to believe that I will be awoken by a hearty, "BAP!" tonight anyway.

*Before I go, I want to wish Daddy Sheep a good night while he recovers from today's procedure.

*We'll be very, very glad to have you back home tomorrow, Dad.  I'm glad it went well for you today.

*Meanwhile, rest up and enjoy all that nice jello!

I think that catches you up.  I'm recovered from the horrific cold, tired enough from the whole experience to forget my purse in weird places and the Christmas Cat Cave is louder than anything I've ever heard in my life.  Now I'm going to head into the kitchen to see about rustling up some dinner.  I'm thinking hot dogs.  The pan I like to cook them in is dirty, but that's OK.  I can scrub it.  I have a scrubber.  And the time.

It's vacation, after all.



kmkat said...

Somehow a skull-shaped scrubber just seems to suit you. Go figger.

Glad you are feeling better and are up for the real vacationing. Nothing worse than being sick on your days off.

trek said...

Isn't it the strangest thing? A friend mentioned in a Christmas letter how you know you are an adult when the impending arrival of a new appliance makes you happy.

You must be deliriously giddy over the new scrubber.

And SOMEBODY knows you really, really well to gift you with it.

Merry Christmas, Sheepie! And welcome home again, Daddy Sheep.

Donna Lee said...

Last year I spent my whole holiday vacation carrying around a large box of tissues but this year I managed to avoid that. I'm glad you got to have a few days to feel better.

Maybe the BAP will break? I didn't mind the noisy toys when my kids were small. I've always wanted to give my brother's kids noisy toys but he and his wife aren't terribly tolerant of noise and I don't want to get the kids in trouble so I refrain.

Julia G said...

Happy New Year, Ms. Sheep, and best wishes for Daddy Sheep's speedy recovery! Just don't scrub your fingers to the bone with your new skull sponge :-)

I had so much fun over vacation reading "Hounded", the first book in the "Iron Druid Chronicles" you recommended, that now I have to get the rest of the series. Ah, well, back to the old salt mines tomorrow - hope you had a good vacation!