Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WNBP: Watching The Attitude.

I am unwell.  I want to get that out of the way straight off because, in my opinion, the entire world will soon be coming to a screeching halt.  It will then proceed to revolve around a newer and far more appropriate target:


I am something of a baby when I don't feel well.  I should probably also apologize for the statements I shall be making and the attitude I shall likely display.  I will be glad of it later when I realize how badly I've behaved.  With that, let's hit them Wednesday Night Bullet Points!!!

*I am glad to be communicating via keyboard.  That is about all I am good for right now.

*I am sick.

*I was not sick yesterday.  At least not until 8:37 pm.

*Then I was sick.  It was just that fast.

*Now my throat is very, very sore and my joints feel like tiny, angry little elves are hammering away at them as punishment for something I may or may not have done to slight them.

*Tiny, imaginary elves often have issues...

*The students in my class do not care that I am sickly.  Most of them are also sickly.

*As is The Organized Teaching Assistant.

*And The Cheerful Teaching Assistant.

*The ones that aren't sickly are just, plain grumpy these days because the holidays aren't always what the television commercials imply they should be.

*My throat hurts and I wanted to tell everyone about the world revolving around me, but I couldn't talk loudly enough to be heard and no one wanted to read what I was typing.

*The World's Greatest Stylist And Life Coach suggested that I needed to eat dinner with her.

*She is not the sort of person with whom you argue about things like dinner.

*Nor do I want to.  I like dinner and I wasn't sickly on Sunday. 

*And she was offering me things like lobster and cheesecake.  So I went.

*Yes.  I tip my hairdresser very well.  Maybe not "lobster" well, but I'm thinking of working my way up to that.

*She ordered a lot of lobster for us.  And sent me home with leftovers.

*No cheesecake was left over, though.

*Which is sad, because I am very hungry right now and cannot swallow.

*Cheesecake would be nice for someone as sickly as myself.

*Did I mention the sickness?  I can't remember if I did...

*I feel like poopy-yucky-ickiness.

*Soup would probably be better for me than cheesecake but I honestly don't think that anyone really checks on that sort of thing.

*I think there is some "weather" in the near future.

*Cats have lost their tiny, freakin' minds and are cavorting about in a way that is not good for a sickly person.

*There is little dignity in running around one's house trying to scream, "SANTA DOES NOT COME TO HOUSES WHERE BAD KITTIES LIVE!!!"

*I say, "trying" because I am too sickly to really get up much of a good scream.

*Could account for the lack of cooperation, now that I think of it.

*And all the refrigerator magnets suddenly being under the Christmas tree...

*I finally decided to read Ghost Story.

*I have no idea if that link will work.  Linking to my Amazon stuff is still not going well and no one seems to care that I am too sickly to be dealing with this nonsense.

*And my internet connection is fuzzy.

*Again with the lack of caring for my sickliness!!!!

*Universe!  I ask you...WHY????

*Where was I?

*Oh, yes.  The book.  I liked it.  It is actually a book where Harry seems kind of happy if you don't focus on the part where he's dead.

*Don't worry.  Happy never lasts for Harry Dresden.

*Which is probably why I haven't read anything from the Dresden Files in a while and cannot really remember just where it was that we left off...

*That isn't helping much with the comprehension, but I still like the book.

*And in the car, I am listening to Enchantment.

*Not one of your more popular Orson Scott Card offerings and I'm not even going to pretend it's my favorite.

*But still pretty good.  Better than listening to the news.

*Especially since they have yet to report on my illness and I'm a bit miffed about it.

*Cats just freaked out and moved the recliner.  Which hit the Christmas tree.

*I don't even care anymore.  I am sick.

*I am making pasta for dinner since I still haven't resolved the cheesecake issue.

*Best line of the day Courtesy of Little Einstein who couldn't quite place the relaxing music we were playing in the classroom today in a futile attempt at settling the seething mass of tension:

"What is noise?"

*Yes.  It was, in fact Yoga Noise.

*It just wasn't quite so soothing once we got to giggling over it.

*Sore throats and all.

I am going to stop there.  I think I have done remarkably well with the attitude and I fear a trip over to the dark side should I carry on much further.  As proof, I point out that I have not yet begun my rant against the person I met today who believes my decision to say, "happy holidays" is somehow proof that I am anti-American, anti-Christmas and a threat to life as we know it unless I am put down immediately.  Apparently all that is good in this world is now threatened by that seemingly simply sentiment and I probably should be thinking about moving out of this great nation before I am driven

Yeah.  I'm just gonna wrap this up before I get to that.  Maybe I'll save it for another day, one where I'm more light of heart and free of germ.  I wish you all a very Happy Wednesday and hope that you are doing better with the lightheartedness than I tonight.



trek said...

I enjoyed the bullet points tonight - except for when Number Guy laughed out loud at my reading a point and sent the tiny elves in my left eye and cerebral hemisphere into an absolute flurry of ice picking activity.

Alice arrived 'round about dinner tonight. And nobody put me on the news either.


crzjane said...

Hope you start feeling better soon. It is hard to stay healthy with kids around. They love to share their germs.
Think healthy thoughts. I hope Cheesecake comes your way soon.
Happy Holidays, I mean, Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, and Happy New Year!
Feel better soon!

Karen M said...

I hope that your plague leaves you as quickly as it arrived. You should have kissed the Happy Holidays grump on the lips to spread the holiday joy. Have a hot toddy and feel better soon.

Elaine said...

And the miserable weather doesn't help, either..... Hope you feel better very, very soon...

=Tamar said...

Re Karen M - it would be sufficient to have blown him a kiss. I like the idea of Festivus, if we can't have my personal favorite, Mid-Winter Hibernation.

catsmum said...

I know it's winter over there but I prescribe a therapeutic dose of pharmaceutical grade ICE CREAM

catsmum said...

Do you by any chance have TINSELitis ?

Julia G said...

You must be feeling better after healthy dollops of cheesecake, ice cream and TLC from your commenters - a little Mid-WInter Hibernation sounds marvelous!

kmkat said...

Here I am, commenting a week late. I have been incredibly busy of late, often away from home. Yours is always one of the first links I click on in Reader; apparently I haven't opened Reader in a week. Bad Kat.

I hope you are feeling better by now. Those cold/achy/feverish/sore throat things are nasty. And I also hope the kittehs have abandoned their evil ways and have been tending to your afflictions. Our cats have Gone Stir Crazy this week, dashing madly through the house with bottle-brush tails. Cabin fever set in back in late October when the weather was fine and mild. Stoopid kittehs.

Harry Dresden is dead? Yikes. I have only gotten to book 3, I think; must catch up.