Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I Got S-s-s-team Heat!!

We here in the northeast do not generally do "heat" very well.  It is not our natural habitat.  Hence, I was not pleased to see that today's temperatures were looking to break 90.  The fact that I was going to be spending this searingly hot day in a third floor classroom during the last two weeks of the school year didn't exactly make me giddy either.

But, it is what it is.  If nothing else, heat means that summer is upon us and I might eventually be on vacation if we can ever get past making up all these snow days.  Even better, it is Wednesday and I can do the Wednesday Night Bullet Post.  This is always something of a picker-upper.

Let's have at it!

*Ice cream for dinner tonight.  Don't judge.

*I am eternally grateful that someone finally figured out how to turn off the heat in my classroom.

*They still haven't gotten around to fixing that window they had to board over last spring so we aren't getting much in the way of air circulation these days.

*We are, however, getting many, many hornets.  They seem to be coming at us from above.

*The angry buzzing creatures are doing wonders for keeping the kids focused and working hard during these last few weeks of school.  

*That was sarcasm, in case you missed it.

*Last week, we were dismissed half an hour early due to tornado warnings.

*Yesterday, we had to be evacuated for over an hour due to a weird odor in the hallways.

*Which smelled a lot like propane, but no one could find a leak.

*Three fire trucks and an ambulance.

*I like firemen.  I like them a lot.

*I didn't get to appreciate them because I was standing in a hot parking lot with kids who blamed me for everything from the heat to the stench of cooking asphalt radiating around us.

*At the staff meeting that afternoon, someone mentioned that a propane truck drove by while we were all standing around out there.

*It is now being theorized that an entire school was evacuated due to a propane delivery down the street.

*I still got the blame as far as my students were concerned.

*They do not like being taken away from their lunches.

*Next week, we have scheduled a plague of locusts.

*The lady next to me at the staff meeting was knitting a dishcloth.

*This made me think of summer vacation because I knit dishcloths during summer vacation.

*I am so totally OVER this school year.

*But it is not done with me.

*It is just heating up!

*Da Boyz were pretty pleased to hear about the upcoming car repair bills.

*It means they get to postpone their visit with The Cat Whisperer until the end of July as opposed to the beginning.

They sit in the window and stare gratefully down upon the ailing vehicle.  I think I hear them singing its praises...

*I'm including this one for no reason other than I think it is sweet how they do the cuddly-snuggle-umpkins thing.

Seriously...can you STAND it????

*I had a rather horrible time last month on the anniversary of the day we lost the Big Fluffy Kitty and it makes me smile to see that the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty is so happy with his new baby brother.

*Sue me.  I'm sappy like that...

*I am less sappy and sentimental regarding the new Wake Mommy Up At 4:45 In The Morning Routine, though.  

*Fat Siamese in my face.

*Loud, fat Siamese in my face.

*Loud, fat Siamese with an agenda in my face.

*He has not processed that the heat means summer and that this is the time to start thinking about easing off on the early morning wake-up calls.

*We shall be working on this.

*I know.  You don't have to say it.

*I do not control this situation.  I never have.

*I just like to pretend, is all...

*I finished up with Kitty Goes to Washington (Kitty Norville, Book 2).

*Honestly don't recall if I told you that already so I'm doing it again just in case.

*Then I cranked through Kitty Takes a Holiday (Kitty Norville, Book 3).

*Then, as if that weren't enough, I started Kitty and the Silver Bullet (Kitty Norville, Book 4).

*When I start a series, I take it seriously.  I need to power through it.

*Fortunately, this is a fun read.  Not great literature.  Not dark literature, not really.

*It has mood lighting.  Low lighting.  

*It's just plain fun because when you have a werewolf named Kitty, there is really not much else to do but chuckle.

*I'm enjoying this series immensely, if only for the playlist at the beginning of each book.

*More fun!

*When not losing myself in the trials and tribulations of a werewolf/late night DJ, I'm in the car.

*And now I'm listening to something other than free content podiobooks.

*I sprang for Dead Reckoning (Sookie Stackhouse, Book 11) on audio.

*I figure I got my Urban Fantasy Chick Lit thing going on right now so I might as well go for broke.

*Apparently, the steamy weather has inspired some slightly steamy reading...

And so ends another Wednesday, complete with heat, humidity and a few good books.  Eventually, I'll get to the place where this school year finally ends.  For now, though, I'm hanging in and riding it out.  It could be worse.  The heater in the classroom could still be blasting.  The car could be actually dead rather than possibly dying and the heat wave could be predicted to last longer than I can stand.

That said, tomorrow promises to be just as hot and steamy.  Let's see how my sunny attitude is holding up after another day in the classroom with the cranky teens!



Donna Lee said...

Today is starting out warm. It was 78 degrees at 6 am and is expected to get to 100 (and we won't discuss the humidex or what ever they call the summer wind chill thing).

Schools here let out early yesterday and will again today as a result.

Ice cream is good for you and perfectly acceptable as a meal. Milkshakes for breakfast are a wonderful thing.

trek said...

My car's external thermometer read 102° yesterday afternoon at 3:30.

Good assessment of the Kitty Norville series - not great but quick and light. Good for summer reading.

Even if the school term has not yet let go of the reader in question.

Anonymous said...

Wish there was some way to average out this heat... we barely made it to 60 yesterday!
Ice cream for dinner is WONDERFUL! (may be one reason I try not to have it in the house very often)
Throw some berries on it and you have a complete meal!


Anonymous said...

I'm a couple days late. We had that awful steamy weather earlier this week. Yesterday and today, though, were 60-ish. Heaven.

Nifty pop-ups for your books links. Have you always had those and I am just lame and late?

When our two kitty boys do the snuggle-upkins thing I find it uncommonly endearing, too. Much more endearing than when they decide to stage World War III in the middle of my bed at 3am.

Julia G said...

Aww, kitties! Hope your automotive issues resolve themselves quickly and economically - I wouldn't have believed how much damage those plastic bags can cause, except a local newspaper columnist had the same problem. A good reminder to lug those green bags around - I have the nifty Baggu bags from The Loopy Ewe that fold into a little pocket in your purse.

Hope they fix your window too - the 10-day forecast for New England promises temperatures in the 70s through the end of school, but you must be baking without air circulation while dodging hornets. Maybe one of the kids from shop needs an extra credit project?