Wednesday, April 27, 2011

WNBP: Feet?

Let's see...where were we?  Ah, yes!  I remember.  I was telling you all about how I had to go back to school after a week's vacation.  I know I am lucky to have a job that lets me take ample time off and whatnot, but I can't help getting a little overwhelmed by how time virtually stands still once I get back to the grind.

I mean, honestly!  What is wrong with the clock on the wall?  And that calendar isn't exactly behaving itself either!  Why don't we just go ahead with the Wednesday Night Bullet Post and see if I can't get this week into some kind of perspective?

*Four people asked me yesterday how the week could only have progressed as far as Tuesday.

*By my count, we should be somewhere into October of 2013.  

*Endless.  That's what the last quarter of the school year feels like.

*The kids have had their taste of summer even if it only came as a rainy week off in April.

*Now they are utterly done with us and our silly notions regarding the importance of education.

*Best Line Of The Day (as spoken by Spunky Girl):

Baby feet are just so cute!  My grandpa's, on the other hand...."

*You'll have to imagine the shudder that followed.  

*Or how we got on the subject of baby feet in the first place because I can't honestly recall...

*Most Disturbing Conversation Of The Day:

(the boy who is) Dark & Disturbed:  My soul is as black as night and I see no hope.  No hope whatsoever.

Ms. Sheep:  Maybe you just need to poop?  Have you pooped today?  Everyone feels better when they poop.

D&D:  Every TIME!!  Why?!

*Apparently, we have had this conversation before.

*My heel spur is killing me.  I am hobbling around like a 90 year old woman.

*The last time I had my heel spur evaluated, I was congratulated on how "minor" it was.

*I cannot even begin to imagine how graceful I'd be if my heel spur was "major."

*Makes me want to knit socks, although I have no idea how socks would help a heel spur.

*An extra layer between my foot and the world, maybe?

*I wore sandals today.  Spur didn't like that one little bit, but I felt all smart 'n springy so that was OK.

*Can't let a heel spur tell you what to do.

*Give them an inch and they take a foot...

*The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty has a new theme song.

"Someone To Watch Over Me."

*I was able to get a good deal of reading done during school vacation week.

*Avoiding the taxes and staying out of the rain will do that, you know.

*I discovered Sandman Slim while I was cruising Amazon and looking for something to take up the slack after I finished The Naming of the Beasts.

*Apparently, I've managed to wander out of my steampunk phase and straight into urban fantasy...

*Fair Warning:  I know I spend a lot of time enjoying YA titles, but this ain't that.

*Stark has risen from the deep depths of the underworld and is a little cranky after his time in the eternal fire.

*If you like your noir with a side of "Why, oh why didn't I remember to put batteries in that flashlight?" then this will work for you. It's dark.  Very dark.

*Would also suggest that this isn't the book for those of you with strong faith-based perspectives since the author explores some other angelic motivations.

*No harm, no foul and no judgement if you don't like that sort of thing.  I just wanted to make sure I put it out there.

*I read the first book and the sequel (Kill the Dead: A Sandman Slim Novel) in two days.

*On two separate occasions I found myself sitting in a tub full of cold water and realizing that I'd managed to lose enough time that the bath had cooled.

*I still had some weekend left when I was done, so I started Ex-Heroes.

*Picture this:  Zombie apocalypse hits Los Angeles.  No big deal there.  I've already forecast this so you should know by now it's coming.  

*If you are surprised by the arrival of the walking dead, then you have no one to blame but yourselves.

*But it gets better.  Shortly before all the dead rise to eat the living, a group of people find themselves suddenly rewarded with super powers.

*Real super powers.  Picture Marvel and DC stuff.

*And then the zombies come.  We need heroes.  They do their best.

*But some will inevitably get bitten.  That's just math at work.

*Zombies.  And superheroes.  Some of whom are turned into flesh eating creatures of horror.

*Did you just get a little chill?  The really good kind?

*I did and I've been reading it for a few days now.  I'm still not over the delightful-ness of it!!!!

*I'm almost done with it, though.  Need to spend some time tonight researching new options.

*Gonna be hard to beat a grumpy escapee from Hell and a bunch of zombies battling superheroes, though...

*I have no choice.

*I need something to distract me.

*Because it is April and the clock is standing between me and June.

I'm going to sign off now and go see about finding that new book.  With any luck, I'll strike gold when I start clicking on the "if you like" recommendations.  If not, I'll just have to come up with a Plan B.

The conversations at school are beginning to center on poop and Grandpa's feet and I think we are already starting to spiral...



Jeanne said...

It probably won't help to remind you that only May stands between you and June, because May has that extra day in it.

So I'll just say that I'd be happy to find ONE BOOK I could read at the dinner table. I've been leaning toward literary fiction lately, and while sophisticated in its delivery and content, every author seems to enjoy dropping in descriptions of Very Gross Things every three pages or so, rendering my latest library pile unsuitable for avec meal consumption.

Anonymous said...

Hello! If the Sheepish household is not familiar with the writings of A. Lee Martinez, I do recommend making a trip to the bookstore/library ASAP. To start, I suggest either "Gil's All Fright Diner" or "Monster". Another author I enjoy oh so much is Christopher Moore. "Practical Demon Keeping" would be on everybody's reading list if I were boss of the world. Enjoy! TLK

Elaine said...

Urban Fantasy rec:

Ben Aaronovitch's "Midnight Riot" and "Moon over Soho." I'd almost given up hope for new-to-me authors.

trek said...

Somehow I always figured that the zombie apocalypse would have had its roots in the Big Easy...

I hear you on the strange conversations theme. Students say the oddest things. I don't think that humans develop the mental editor until sometime well after the completion of adolescence.

Julia G said...

Some of the best books I've read - fiction and nonfiction - are in the YA section, which I comb regularly at the school book fairs. Nothing like a good dollop of teen angst, but quite a lot of YA is surprisingly mature and sophisticated.

Sandal season has arrived (immediately follows snow season, apparently). I've always thought it unfair that term papers and exams are scheduled in late spring, when it's impossible not to stare out the window and want to be outside!

=Tamar said...

For a grumpy escapee from hell, try Zelazny's _Dilvish the Damned_.
For dinner-table reading, Pratchet's _Unseen Academicals_. Or Pratchett's _Going Postal_ (NOT the other guy's with the same title).

catsmum said...

coming back tp this old post to thank you for introducing me to Mike Carey - have just finished the Felix Castor set. Sheepie rules !