Wednesday, February 02, 2011

WNPB: Rerun...

It's getting to the point where I can start recycling blog posts.  It snowed.  Then it snowed some more.  Then I didn't have to go to school.  Then I sat around all day doing far less than I planned on doing because there is something about a snow day that makes me feel like I have more time than I actually do.

The only difference is that, this time, most of the state had the day off with me.  Still, it's getting a bit repetitive.  I'll see what I can do to make things more interesting for you in tonight's Wednesday Night Bullet Post.

*The auto-dial system called me last night to let me know I didn't have to set the alarm.  This time it was the superintendent himself who made the recording.

*Probably to make it sound more dire since we haven't had a full week of school since before forever and I would imagine a few parents are ready to tear their hair out.

*I told the cats I would be staying home with them for the day.

*Kind of made it sound like it was my idea...

*Not that it matters.  I doubt they heard me.  They were up at 4:30 just like always.

*Mega-storm today.  Didn't quite live up to the hype.

*But close.

*Almost a foot of new snow.

*On top of what we already had.

*I made a plan to shovel the car out each time the plow came through to clear our lot.

*See how I learn?  It only took two major storms for me to realize that large plows will bury my car if I don't keep track of things.

*Let's all stand up and cheer for the nice plow driver who saw me on my second trip out.

*He caught sight of me shoveling and came back to clear some more of the snow so I could back out of the drift.

*Bless his little heart.  I only wish my thanks were better expressed.  I was cold and kind of in shock because the plow guys don't usually do that kind of thing.

*Cheer loudly for him.  Maybe he'll hear and realize that I was honestly trying to be very, very gracious.

*Also might have been a little flustered by his cuteness.

*Sad thing to see in a middle aged lady, but there it is...

*Daddy Sheep sent me this today.  It's not a Maine map, but it's close enough for you to get the general idea.

* I laughed for a full ten minutes and then found myself chuckling off and on for much of the day.

*I'm sure that some of you can relate...

*I thought I'd finish a sock today.

*Did not finish a sock today.

*Came close.  Mere inches.

*But did not finish a sock today.

*I gave those Stoopid Rectangles (aka handwarmers) to The Very Nice Lady at the convenience store on Monday.

*She asked if I'd make a pair for her sister and I couldn't think of a reason not to.  Even if I didn't quite understand why anyone would want a pair of Stoopid Rectangles with a hole in the side that lets you stick a thumb through them.

*When I gave them to her, I heard the rest of the story regarding the intended recipient and why she is deserving of something to warm her hands this winter.

*Moral Of The Story:  Sometimes a Stoopid Rectangle is more than it seems.  Greater than the sum of it's limited geometry, as it were.

*I'm very, very glad I made them and that I finished them before the storm.  I'm very, very glad I took the time to put them in a nice wrapper and label them.  I'm very, very glad that a few hours on my part could help someone out.

*I went to the school library yesterday.

*Storm on the way=library trip.

*Actually, it's right on the way back to my classroom when I'm leaving my Tuesday meeting.

*I was planning to pick up Septimus Heap, Book Six: Darke.

*It's not out yet.  

*All was not lost, though.  I found Reckless!

*Cornelia Funke is one of my favorite authors.

*I consider her "required reading."

*She writes...richly.

*That's the best I can do.  It's the only descriptor I can come up with.

*I started it last night and am almost finished.

*Even the little things are so vividly depicted as to seem extraordinary.

*And that which is extraordinary seems perfectly plausible after a few pages.

*This one is teetering on the edge of the YA genre, but still a good read for middle school kids.

*And middle aged teachers who like getting books from the school library before snowstorms.

Yes.  It's another snow day for Sheepie.  Same knitting, same reading, same forcing the car out of snowbanks.  It never really changes here, I guess.  Here's hoping I managed to make it sound at least a little bit different than the last one.

And that I can do it again because they are talking about another storm for next week...



Anonymous said...

Daddy Sheep forgot to mention that his sister, Auntie Sheep, sent the map to him. Originally came from a former Mainer who now lives in Florida. Hope you get back to school soon so the school year can end before August.

Jeanne said...

That map was too funny. :-)

Our version of the Storm of the Century was over-exaggerated as well. No ice, just snow. No power outages. Just lots of shoveling in my future. Glad we all made it through OK!

Kath said...

Very funny map. Particularly since a good portion of my work day was involved in the question of whether or not someone was going to be able to fly out from underneath "shitload".

Thanks for book recommendations! Just Soulless and thoroughly enjoyed it. Also both the Dan Wells books.

Mel said...

I stayed in Scarborough last night with friends, one of whom teaches middle school in Wells. While the storm did not, as you pointed out, live up to the hype, I happened to be there when my teacher friend got the robocall. The silence after he picked up the phone followed by a "whoo hoo!" said it all.

Donna Lee said...

We didn't get this storm, for which I am grateful. Snow tomorrow night but not much and I hadn't heard about next week. This is a loooonnnnnggggg winter. You guys are going to just keep right on until September at this rate.

Anne-Marie said...

sounds like Groundhog day - the movie.

Elaine said...

Love the map!!
This winter is becoming very tedious....

debsnm said...

Just wanted to whine a bit. See, I live in NM for a reason (well, many really). I love the warm winters, with little snow & nastiness. But this week, today actually, the day started with a temp of -3, and is going to get all the way up to 24. That's without the wind chill. WTH is a wind chill? We don't have wind chills here, or heat indexes or any of that weird meteorological stuff. We just mostly have sunshine and a little rain, less snow and sometimes wind, but only in the spring. It's cold. I'm cold. I don't like cold. And the worst part? Last week I was complaining because we never get any snow or any snow days. Bummer.

Anonymous said...

Love the weather map! I sent it to Smokey and #1 Son. We tried to call Son last night (he goes to school in Manhattan) to talk about snow and such, but got his voice mail. He complains that NY winters are "wimpy". I hope he is satisfied this year.

Good for you and the stoopid rectangles. You just never know what be a mitzvah. (I seriously wonder if I used that word right, being a midwestern non-practicing Methodist and all.)

Anonymous said...

OK, the map came from my sister, who got it from her friend who lives in Florida.


Julia G said...

Love the weather map! We got an inch of ice here on the CT coast, which two days later is still encasing the trees and power lines - pretty when it sparkles in the sunlight, but dangerous. Even with the sun the ice is showing little inclination to melt, and we're getting more wintry mix Saturday and Tuesday. I'd rather shovel a foot of snow every storm than have the wintry mix.

We shamelessly ply our snowplow guy with offers of coffee, hot chocolate, cookies, etc. Normally this strategy works well, but this year things are so desperate that everybody's doing it, so it's less effective! The snowplow drivers are being surprisingly courteous considering how overwhelmed everyone is.

Good for you making Stoopid Rectangles to make someone's life a little cozier - all those little acts of kindness in the aggregate make the world a better place!

Teri S. said...

I'm very envious of the snow you all are getting. It brings back fond memories of last winter, when the northern Virginia area had 80 inches of snow. This year, there's not so much. We've had a couple of tiny snows and one small-to-medium snow (maybe 6-8 inches). I want me a 2-footer!

What I'm finding tedious is the weekly threat of storms that don't deliver.

I do hope the snow clears so you aren't spending all summer in school. Just send the snow my way!

April said...

Sunny. Wearing t-shirt and shorts. Wish you were here.

Knitting Linguist said...

Wow - you guys are just getting hammered!! Days off are really good, except when one contemplates how hard it will be to go back after all of this time at home...

Beth said...

I think the middle/high school girl still inside of us is responsible for being flustered around cuteness. :)