Wednesday, February 23, 2011

WNBP: Overly Structured...

It may be February Vacation here in Sheepie Land, but that is no excuse for not doing the Wednesday Night Bullet Post.  The days continue to march along regardless of my vacationing status.  Frankly, I'm a little concerned about that, if you want the truth.

How I managed to schedule so many little things for this week, I don't know.  I suppose that a vacation always seems longer in theory than it does in actuality.  It's not like I've blocked out whole days on the calendar or anything, but my appointments seem to be taking little bites out of my downtime and this is not exactly what I had in mind for this week.

Oh, well.  What are you gonna do?  If nothing else, I can at least nap in the afternoons if I play my cards right.  And in between, I can come up with one or two things that might be worthy of a bullet point or two!

*Apologies to those of you who are getting bored with socks.

*I understand why you might be feeling that way, but I'm still working out the kinks in my Toe-Up Technique and there is really just nothing else to be done for it, I'm afraid.

Socks. What else to say about them, really?

*I had lots of time to work on these before the appointment train really got rolling.

*Woke up Monday with a slight fever and sniffles.

*Lolled around all day cursing the sickly children who inhabit my classroom and making little moaning noises.

*Which was a bit of an overreaction, since the whole thing passed pretty quickly.

*And gave me an excuse to cancel Tuesday's dentist appointment.

*And extra knitting time.

*So I finished my socks.

*Promptly decided to take a break from sock knitting for a while.

*Then cast on for another pair because I am really kind of hopeless when it comes to sticking to things

*Have to go get that filling tomorrow.  The inevitable cannot really be delayed no matter what they say.

*Had an appointment this morning, too.  That killed half of this day.

*Omigod!  I just realized I forgot to call the doctor back to schedule my blood work.

*It's a good thing I am on vacation and can get all this stuff done.

*Tomorrow is Thursday.  It's not looking good for me...

*Cats are still enjoying the addition of crunchy kibble to their diet.

*They let me sleep in the morning now.

*This is good.

*The Very Complicated Kitty is particularly impressed.

*So much so that he is now turning his nose up at the canned stuff.

*Which he needs because that is how I sneak his Happy Pill to him each day.

*Slight backfiring in the plan...

*We are cutting back on crunchy kibble.

*Vacations are very good for reading.  

*Even vacations that are cut short by obligation.

*Online bookstores are notorious for luring you in with a cheap book to get you to read the series.

*I, of course, am too smart for that so I knew that when I bought Fallen for a low-low price, I wouldn't have to worry about getting the sequel.

*I am middle aged.  What do I want with a teen problem novel?

*Apparently, I am emotionally stunted and incapable of acting my age because I found this to be a highly engrossing story.

*Teen problem novel, yes.  But an exceptionally well-written one.

*Will she ever be with her one true love or will forces, both sacred and profane, conspire to keep them apart???  

*I know.  Crazy, right?  But I couldn't help myself!!!!

*And we're not talking regular forces here.  I'm talking actual "sacred and profane!"

*And yes.  I downloaded Torment (Fallen) this morning.  

*The tragedies which befall this most unlikely and literally cursed couple make my petty problems with the dentist seem almost trivial.


*The Cheerful Teaching Assistant strongly recommended that I take a look at this zombie book she was reading.

*She doesn't read zombie books.  She only knows about zombies because I sometimes talk about them.

*In my world, "sometimes" means "babbles on and on about them until she has no excuse but to learn something about zombies."

*I don't actually read a lot of zombie books, though.  Most aren't all that good or try for funny.

*Zombies are not funny.  Ever.  If you think you see a funny zombie, just lie down.  

*You've already been infected.  You are feverish, hallucinating and in the last stages of life as you know it.  

*I am on my way to lop off your noggin for your own good and that of humanity.

*The CTA liked the opening lines so she bought the zombie book in spite of it not being her normal fare.

*She came into work last Friday bleary eyed and feverish.  Being sick was bad enough.

*But being up all night disturbed by the zombie book was worse.  It bothered her.  She was worried about it.  She couldn't stop thinking about it.

*Good enough for me.


*Another cheap read in digital format.  Didn't like the ending all that much, seemed a little abrupt.

*But worth the ride, lemme tellya.

*Unlike the macaroni and cheese I made earlier this week which was not good at all.

*Lumpy sauce.  I seized my cheese.

*These things happen.  I was out and about most of the past few days so it wasn't like I was home to eat it anyway.

There.  That ought to do it.  In spite of my busy vacation schedule, I seem to have managed to eke out a Bullet Post for this week.  I'm hoping that my streak will continue and that I will also manage to catch up with all the blog reading that has fallen by the wayside of late.  We'll see what we can to about that in the next couple of days.

Maybe after my dentist appointment tomorrow.  I'll probably need something to take my mind off that little scheduled event...



Mel said...

You've just reminded me that I need to call my dentist to reschedule my cleaning appointment. Seeing as we're going to be in Iceland on that date instead.

Anna D said...

If you should ever get tired of informing your CTA about zombies, you can recommend her this class:

"How to survive a zombie disaster"

She would have to travel to Sweden, though...

Anonymous said...

I have lived with cats for 58 of my 61 years and have NEVER known a cat to turn up its nose at canned cat food. Exactly what brand of kibble are you feeding those felines?

Julia G said...

What else can you say about socks? Why, they're pretty, and useful, and addictive to knit. I always have an emergency toe-up sock with me because you can crank out a bunch of knitting without much fuss. I also keep two going at a time in case so I always have a nice brainless stretch of stockinette available if short row heels are too taxing for the circumstances.

My cats have the same roaring appetite at 4:30 am -- what is that fancy kibble brand that lets you sleep in?

I don't know if Dr. de Sade will cooperate, but my tried and true strategy for dental fillings is to take a tylenol half an hour before and request topical anesthesia five minutes before the "local" novacaine shot. Most dentists think this is a "Dumbo's feather" and not really effective, so you may have to do some convincing, but it works for me. Hope you feel better soon!

Cathy said...

Arrrrgh. I typed out a comment then lost it.

But my dentist has a spinning wheel and loves fiber. And best of all, yesterday told me that my teeth are fine and I could stop being anxious about needing a root canal.

I guess some things you have to just live with.

Love the socks. And they are addicting.

trek said...

The CTA must be getting quite the zombie education at work. I mean, I've learned all about double-tap right here form my friendly neighborhood Sheepie.