Wednesday, June 19, 2013

WNBP: I'll Be Brief.

I just don't have it in me tonight.  Let me give you the highlights and you will understand:

*Today was the second-to-last day of school.

*It was also Field Day.

*Field Day, for those of you who home schooled your children, chose to not procreate or have managed to blank out the days when your own offspring were students, is an event where everyone has to go outside and act like they are enjoying their second-to-last-day together.

*This, at least in our case, was followed by a school cook out and an assembly called Minute To Win It.  The latter involved pitting nominated champions against one another in pitched combat.

*If you can call bean bag tossing and wearing a tennis ball in a nylon stocking in order that one might knock over water bottles like a drunken elephant "pitched combat."

*I will probably have nightmares tonight, filled with visions of middle schoolers shaking their booties frantically in order to be the first to expel ping pong balls from the tissue boxes strapped to their lower backs...

*And yes.  It looked exactly like what you are thinking it looked like.

*Pre-teens pooping ping pong balls.

*To an MC Hammer soundtrack.

*And no.  I am not making that up.

*Tomorrow is the last day of school.  It is also the day when we have to celebrate the last three classroom birthdays.  This is a lot of birthdays, at least by our standards.

*Standards which traditionally include allowing the birthday boy/girl to choose their celebratory treat.

*It is taking the entire classroom staff to put this together.  It's just too much for one person.

*Especially when one of those persons is also responsible for supervising Field Day, getting grades posted, packing up the room before the forced budgetary, week long closure of the building and mailing progress reports that haven't exactly been written yet.

*Hence, I was slogging through the frozen food department this afternoon, stinking of Field Day and desperately trying to find a big enough cheesecake, when I really just wanted to go home and shower.

*An hour ago I found my cat eating baking soda.

As you can see, I am fairly well done in at this point.  I'll see about posting something later, perhaps after the last-actually-last-day of school.  Maybe by then I shall have something remotely resembling energy.

Or, at the very least, that damn MC Hammer song out of my head...



Susan said...

The description of how the preteens came to look like they were "pooping ping pong balls" had me laughing out loud. Literally. I had to explain to my husband why I was laughing so loudly at the computer screen. That "picture" will stay with me for a while!

=Tamar said...

I just hope nobody posts photos on the net. That's the sort of thing they don't tell you in the education classes in college.

trek said...

Ack - you just reminded me that I have grades to do this morning.

Happy first day of your summer!

Julia G said...

6/21/13 Oh, dear, brain bleach! Stat! You have certainly earned your all-too-brief summer vacation :-)

On a cheerier note, we are halfway through the "Dog Days" series (good books get passed around in my family). I thought the books would just be lightweight sherbet in between some heavier tomes I've been reading, but I find the author really makes me care about the characters and what happens to them. And the musical family members approve of John Levitt's depiction of Mason's inner dialogue as a jazz musician, particularly about parking issues and drummers. Hope you are chillaxing with a good book!