Wednesday, March 06, 2013

WNBP: Lost

Well, here we all are.  Another Wednesday is upon us and I am yet again so far behind in the night's agenda that I can't even believe it myself.  I even toyed with a Blog Night Off, just to see if I could maybe get myself together enough to catch some TV before bedtime rolls around.

In the end, my overwhelming sense of responsibility took over and I sat myself down to see if I couldn't come up with a tidbit or two for your reading pleasure.  I think it's important to stick to the schedule.  Frankly, I need the schedule.  Any small, even tenuous, grip on the norm would be nice these days.

So here we go.  It's another fun-filled rendition of The Wednesday Night Bullet Post.  Whether you wanted it or not...

*I have somehow managed to lose part of a filling.  Or all of a filling.  Or an entire tooth.  Or I've offended whatever deity is in charge of pain-free chewing.

*I think it's really just part of a filling or something amiss with the crown, but I've decided to make the whole thing as dramatic as possible because it's a right side issue and that is the chewin' side.

*What I clearly haven't lost is the overwhelming urge to poke at the offending tooth.

*Which is generally not recommended when there is tooth pain.

*I guess I just keep hoping it's naught but a bit of seed or pulp and that it will soon work its way loose, leaving me with my formerly happy mouth situation.

*I do not want to visit Dr. De Sade DMD.  I'm gonna ride it out.  Surely everything will be fine if I ignore it hard enough...

*I tried to buy gas yesterday.  I say "try" because, while purchasing fuel isn't really all that hard what with all the modern marvels available to us nowadays, the process didn't go very well.

*I needed to buy gas because I got lost going to a meeting at a different school and used more of the petrol than I meant to.

*Then I got lost again on the way back to school.

*But I didn't tell anyone about that part because it seemed kind of crazy to miss the same turn twice.

*I really wanted to just give up and go home since the school day was almost done anyway but they've cut all the hours for teaching assistants and the clock was ticking down towards my classroom being manned by naught but a couple of 7th graders with a only a very general idea of the dismissal process.

*My debit card didn't work when I tried to buy gas.  The same way it kind of didn't work the night before when I was paying my cell phone bill but I'd forgotten about that what with all the getting lost and clock ticking and whatnot.

*Plus, I figured I'd just forgotten to enter my new debit card information since I received a new one a while back.

*Thankfully, I remembered that I'd put some cash into my pay-as-you-go card and I was able to get some of the go juice with that.

*When I got home, there was a message waiting from the bank.

*Yup.  The card was locked up tighter than survivors awaiting the end of the zombie apocalypse.

*Somewhere, some vendor had their database hacked.

*And sometime in the near or distant past (who knows for sure since the vendor wasn't identified) I made a purchase from that establishment.

*And now my card has been shut down.  Which is fine.  Responsible of the bank, actually.

*However, a heads up would have been nice.  Preferably before I was stranded 60 miles from home with no cash and naught but a thimbleful of gas.

*I'm just saying is all...

*This isn't the first time this has happened, by the way.  I'm fairly familiar with the process.

*But that doesn't take the sting out of losing my ability to make purchases anywhere, at any time and with wild, plastic-wielding abandon.

*For three to seven business days.

*Tiny Macho came out of the back classroom the other day waving a paper at me.

*Tiny Macho:  Yo, Ms. S.  You gave me this paper about frogs and I can't answer the second question.  I can't read this here word.

*Ms. Sheep: (taking the paper and squinting at the tiny print. she wonders briefly when they started putting out worksheets with such itty-bitty fonts)  OK.  I've got it now.  Let's sound it out, shall we?

*TM: Was kinda hoping you'd just tell me...

*MS:  AM-PHIB-IAN.  Now put it together.  AMPHIBIAN.  Yes, that's right.  The word is "amphibian!"  Isn't that wonderful???

TM:  (with eyes wide) What?  Amphibian?  Does that mean frogs have NO SOULS????

*I don't know why that struck the adults in the room so funny, but we all pretty much lost it.

*TM has a fairly good sense of humor so it wasn't as cruel as it sounds...

*Apparently, it is now acceptable for snow to fall every single day.

*Mostly just flurries, but I've sort of lost patience with the whole sorry business.

*Thankfully, winter wear is now on sale to make way for the spring clothing I don't anticipate ever being able to wear.

*So I was able to get a giant, fluffy hat with kitten ears and and attached scarf with little kitten paw pockets at the end quite cheaply.

*It has been made clear that the kids in my class have lost all respect for me.

*And that I am no longer allowed to speak to them when we go out for recess.

*This could possibly be related to my having invented The Cute Little Kitten Dance to go along with my new hat.

*Interesting new audio book located for the daily commute.

*V Wars is rather long and involves a pretty complex story line.

*And is told through a variety of short stories, not to mention different narrators.

*But I have to admit...I'm transfixed.

*Not bad for a library freebie!

*And it's an "always available" download so there's no problem with the vast amount of listening time required to get through it.

*I've made it up to book 5 in the Vampire For Hire series. (Samantha Moon Rising: Including Books 5, 6, and 7 in the Vampire for Hire Series: Vampire Dawn, Vampire Games, Moon Island, Plus the Short Story "Teeth")

*And snuck in a short story to cover a bit of the details I would have otherwise missed.

*Christmas Moon (Vampire for Hire #4.5)

*But now I'm stuck because I can't get the next one.

*See above note regarding lack of magic plastic money card.

*I wish for all hackers a failed nighttime schedule and a filling/crown situation that impairs dominant side chewing abilities.

There we go.  That about covers it.  I think I'm glad I stuck with the schedule.  I really do feel better for it; like I somehow grabbed a piece of normal away from the clutches of fickle fate.

Now I'm off to see if I can salvage my hair.  I seem to have lost track of time and it has gone and dried without me.  To say I've lost control of this situation would be an understatement and I fear no amount of product is going to straighten this mess out before bedtime.

It's oddly comforting to know that at least fickle fate is sticking with the plan...



Donna Lee said...

Evidently Knitpicks had their data hacked which caused no end of problems for their customers over the last few weeks. It's just not safe out there in cyberland.

catsmum said...

I was going to ask if it might be KP but I see Donna Lee beat me to it, so I will, instead, ask for a photo of you wearing the kitten hat. A sheep wearing a cat hat ... that's gotta be worth a pic or two, right? I won't suggest a video of the kitten dance in case we all lose respect for the sheep

mehitabel said...

Actually I'd like to see the Kitten Dance. My cats would, too, but of course I'd need to play it twice since Herself can't stand to be in the same room as Him. Sigh. Also, would you prefer to trade your snow flurries for palm trees and everlasting boring blue skies? Cause I'm so sick of "nice" weather (I like rain, snow--real weather!) that I'm ready to move toot sweet! Maybe we need a house swap...

Julia G said...

Hope your toothy troubles resolve themselves - I hate when that happens. Luckily I have a truly Painless Dentist who enthusiastically drills and fills, even in an emergency. He is definitely the exception in what must be a fairly stressful job. And I hate it when the fickle gods of debit cards and credit cards mess with me like that - it's always when I'm in the back of nowhere with no other options. Hope your week improves - now that the snow is turning to rain (and mud), it just might!