Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WNBP: Snow Day!!!

Yes, it is the first official snow day of the school year and I, for one, was rather pleased.  For the most part, anyway.  The part where I didn't have to go to school was very nice.  And being able to take a nap after lunch was really rather delightful.  Snow isn't my favorite thing in the world, but I am quite the Sunny Sue when it comes to finding the bright side of things.

Plus, it's Wednesday so I get to do the Wednesday Night Bullet Post and that always gives me the grins.  Here's the day's highlights:

*Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for snowy thoughts.  You done good!  Together, we made this snow day happen!

*We might have overdone it just a bit, though.  Not that I'm complaining, mind you.  I put out the call and the response was great.

*I'm just not sure that over a foot of the white stuff was really necessary.

*Or more.  I don't know the totals yet.  If all goes according to predictions, we might have about fifteen inches before this is done.

*It is an abundance of snow day riches, but really four to eight inches would have done the trick.

*Spent the day watching a Star Trek marathon.

*TNG, of course.  Duh!

*Oh!  And guess what else I did!

*I shouldn't even ask that of you.  You'll never guess.

*Not in a million years...

I spun!!!!!

*Yes, I know it is hard to believe.

*If you look closely, you can see where the dust collected on the flyer...

*Spinning is like riding a bike.

*Except for the part where you get floofy spots that make you mad because you didn't used to do that quite so often.

*Still a very relaxing and wholesome thing to do on a snowy winter day.

*I went to the school library on Monday.

*Teachers can take out as many books as they want and keep them for-almost-ever.

*Not "real" forever because sometimes kids want books and the librarian has to come get them from us.

*I try to get mine back really fast because I don't like hearing the librarian's high heeled shoes tapping their way to my classroom.

*And I hate disappointing any librarian.  It makes me feel dirty...

*I finished Grey Griffins: The Clockwork Chronicles #1: The Brimstone Key. this morning.

*This is book 4 and starts a new series.  It isn't exactly the epitome of lofty literature.

*But it is a good read and I can't help but love how the new books are going in a semi steam punk direction.

*Young readers need to learn about this genre early if they ever want to grow up to be big and strong.

*Or cool.

*Like Auntie Sheepie...

*I saved Physik (Septimus Heap, Book 3) for last because I love this series beyond all reason.

*It pains me that I have only just begun reading it.  Where have I been?????

*I'll forgive you for not reading any of The Grey Griffins.  That is really on the kiddie lit. side of the fence.

*But I honestly believe that most adult readers would like Septimus.  

*Who doesn't like witty wizards, for crying out loud?

*I moved my car for the snowplows as my condo association bylaws dictate.

*I knew it would be a tricky job to get it off the roadway afterwards but I figured I could manage it.

*Clearly the plow dudes did not like where I parked.

*I know this because they went to great lengths to plow me in.

*Seriously.  They took an extra swipe just to pile four feet of snow in front of my car.

*You can see where they did it!

*Had to shovel.  A lot.  

*Then had to take Naproxen.  A lot.

*As I am one of the few people who bother to move their car per the condo association bylaws, I find myself taking umbrage.

*Not too much because umbrage is usually best expressed with a great deal of huffing, posing and arm waving.  

*And I'm too sore to really do umbrage justice at the moment.

*I hear tell that 49 out of the 50 states now have snow.

*Not everyone is used to snow.

*I am.  Here's what I know about snow.  There are three things you need to consider: Hoarding, Hunkering and Huddling.

*Hoarding, as we all know from television, is bad if overdone.  Just make sure you have enough cat food and diet soda.  And brownies.  Hot chocolate is good too.

*Hunkering or, more properly, hunkering down is the ideal.  If you can stay in and just avoid the cold you should do that.  You will be much happier if you are fully hunkered.

*Huddling isn't strictly necessary.  We do live in modern times and have heating systems at our disposal. But it's nice to huddle when it's snowing.

We had some world class huddling going on today...

And there's Wednesday.  It was a winner in my book, even if I did have to shovel my car out of a wall of snow.  Having the day off really does take the sting out of vengeful plow dude behavior.  And, since I already had my school clothes ready for this morning, I'm ahead of the game tonight!  It even makes going back to school tomorrow kind of bearable.

I'm really going to miss all that huddling, though...



Leah said...

Not Fair! We got a squiff of snow, but not enough to call a snow day. I have never had a snow day from work : (
Congradulations on your snow day. I concede that you need a snow day more than I.
I like the spinning. I am holding out against aspinneration. I am barely dealing with the knitting.

Gracey is not my name.... said...

We had a snow day today and major shocker..they have called school off for tomorrow also! They have to truck the snow out of the parking lots tomorrow per head custodian of district! (we buds on FB))

I have Magyk, but haven't read it. Just put it in a bag to take to school, maybe should take it back out?

Teri S. said...

I am sooo jealous! We got about an inch in northern Virginia. You'd think that with the 80" we got last year, I would have had enough. Nope, I want more of the same this year. And sadly, it looks like we aren't going to get it. But, some snow is better than no snow.

If we got 15" here, schools would be closed for more than a day. Are you sure you'll have school on Thursday?

prof m said...

We read about that 49 of 50 stat, too. How strange!

First snow day of the school year here, too. Even though all of the snow is long since done falling, Neatnik still asked if it was possible that she might not have school tomorrow. Barring a water main break or the roof collasping, kid...

Beth said...

After Snow Day #3, I'd like to add another H: hoping. As in hoping we'll be able to get out soon. Really I don't mind staying in but I'm starting to run out of things like lettuce, cheese, chocolate...

Good luck with all your snow! It seems you should be able to get another snow day after that much of the white stuff.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering which state has no snow -- Florida? I know that the high peak(s) in Hawaii get snow. 15" of snow sounds like a 2-day snow vacation to me.

=Tamar said...

Another H: History. After 1816 (The Year Without A Summer), a new rule was invented: always have at least one full year's food supply in storage. I don't go that far, but I have a winter stash: three months' worth of oatmeal (I like oatmeal, OK?) plus canned goods for very basic meals for 3 weeks. Buy on sale and restock what is used. Snow is less stressful if I don't have to shop.

Mel said...

kmkat: You would be correct about FL.

After I finished digging out today - because some of us have to go to work regardless of the weather - I measured, and we had 17" at that point with snow still coming down. I'm just glad the Turnpike was in good shape for the drive north.

Donna Lee said...

I enjoyed my day off on Wednesday. naps were taken and it was an overall terrific day. Lots of hunkering and huddling going on at my house.

Leslie said...

No snow on the California coast which is really too bad as I'd love a snow day, especially with huddling. :o)

I find the best books here! I've been hooked on Simon Green and now Septimus Heap. I have to go check out the Griffins books now.

Julia G said...

Snow Day #2 here in CT, where we had a record-breaking 2' of snow in 24 hours, although our town had a mere 18". Luckily I managed to do my hoarding a day early to avoid the lines, allowing me to turn out more bacon, pancakes, brownies and hot chocolate (Ovaltine) than a lumberjack camp cook.

After sufficient quantities of snow and food had been shoveled, the kids took our big orange cat (the AGK's identical cousin) out on the harness for a romp in the snow (he is a Norwegian Forest cat, after all, designed for Arctic adventure). He galumphed in the snow like a seal swimming, and ended up with dozens of little snowballs stuck to his fluffy tummy.

He was just as puzzled as we were as to how to get rid of them, but they eventually melted after vigorous grooming (his) and toweling (ours), after which a loooong nap was in order.

KnitKicky said...

I want a snow day! yes I do! But it would take at least 15" for my employer to shut down...haven't had a snow day at work since the "Halloween Blizzard" of '91...

Anonymous said...

I walk to work on snow days. It's less than two miles. :-P

I"ll give your recommendations a try! Have you read The Thief, by Megan Whelan Turner? Wow. (You probably have, i'm just way late to the party.) Number 4 in the series just came out, and I re-read them this weekend. Definitely one of the best series out there. I just wish she wrote faster!

Gwyndolyn O'Shaughnessy

Karen said...

We had 2 snow days! I think I would have enjoyed them a whole lot more if I could have skipped the shoveling. There was lots of shoveling and now that the town is clearing sidewalks there will be more shoveling.
Your spinning looks lovely and I don't see any dust at all. I am blind to dust.

Kath said...

Sorry if I overdid the snow mojo! But I had a whole lot invested in that one. The closure of a certain airport canceled someone else's travel plans and while it doesn't give me a snow day, it helps me survive the week with sanity intact.

Yarnhog said...

We are the state without the snow. That means no snow days. This is made worse by the fact that we had the kids home for two weeks for winter break, and then Younger Son came down with the flu the day before the break ended. After ten days of that, he was diagnosed with pneumonia and dueling ear infections, which means he will be home for at least another week. Honestly? I'd rather have snow.

twinsetellen said...

I love kid and young adult lit. It makes the perfect stressful life spell reading. Good writing, engaging and entertaining, yet you have reasonable expectations that it will end well. Makes for much more relaxed reading when the rest of the world is too tense.