Monday, July 03, 2006

And In Other News...

The score on the "fiber related activities" board was a grand total of 0 today. 'Twas a truly bleary-eyed and coffee deprived Sheep that stumbled out to the truck this morning to begin her next round of "let's try and be more social this summer" activities.

I met up with my favorite mom (what with being mine and all) to hit the farm for some strawberry pickin'. We didn't get to go last year due to a rather pitiful crop so I was really looking forward to having some nice fresh berries with which to tempt my palate and stain my fingers. While the berries were sorta small thanks to what I presume was a torrential downpour effect, a strawberry picked by your very own hands is going to taste yummy no matter what. And the picking went far more quickly than either of us anticipated. We filled up two flats for Mom (jam production begins tonight, I'm told) then returned for four more quarts. Three came home with me as I'm the one who put in the manual labor and all. One will go to my brother. This isn't one of his favorite activities, but I am a champion berry picker from way back. Even as a child, Mom made sure that I was the chosen one when she felt the urge to bring some fresh-picked fruit into the house. It's a gift...what can I say?

And these little beauties are the "fruits" of my labors!

We were able to pick our fill in under an hour and were left with more time than we knew what to do with. For all of thirty seconds, that is. The shopping gene runs strong in my Mom's side of the family and I have inherited a full load of bargain hunting DNA. I found two cute pairs of flip flops (one with a 3" heel, god help me) at half price. This meant that I could indulge myself with a copy of Mason * Dixon Knitting at the bookstore!

And Mom quietly picked up The Harlot's book
for me...isn't she just the bee's knees???

Exhausted from our labors, we had an early lunch and called it a day. Despite being home early in the afternoon, I couldn't seem to summon the energy to do much more than snap a couple of pictures for tonight's post before I flopped on the couch for what I determined was a well-deserved nap. I don't get out much...

My second wind is kicking in somewhat and one quart of berries is drying and will soon be ready for freezing. I am fully aware that there is a large contingency of foodies to whom the idea of washing a berry is repugnant at the very least. "They must be wiped, my dear Sheep, never, ever washed!) Here's the thing: I've seen nature. I know what's out there. Sometimes it makes it's way into my house. I've learned that nature is somewhat messy. Birds poop, bugs wander through the poop, worms cavort blatantly wherever they see fit...any of this can end up on my berries. I won't have it. I just won't have it.

Can't say how far I'll get with the Strawberry Project this evening. I must rest up for yet another round of family fun tomorrow. Dear old Dad is firing up the grill and I suspect that there may be some strawberry shortcake to be had at some point. Its a "can't miss" sort of event.

We'll be factoring in at least one extra workout this week, methinks! Shopping/Berry Picking does not burn the calories one might think it does.



Sheila said...

I love berry-picking. Down here we have a limited harvest, but it makes the berries all the more appreciated.
It's funny, but I also baught beaded flip-flops today (and some skirts to go with them, of course).
Have a happy 4th!

trek said...

Berry picking is cool - I want to bring the Neatnik sometime.

Veggies, Yarns & Tails said...

Great post....I don't know why it took me this long to find your blog!

I love berry-picking too and I tend to agree with you about careful cleaning. I don't even like the idea of just wiping mushrooms clean, and they are usually grown in a controlled (ie cleaner) environment, berries NOT!

Have a great day, don't fall off those flip-flops. Im 5'9" and I actually remember wearing 3" heels, many, many moons ago...NOT now. Yours look cute though.

BFN, Geraldine

Mia said...

Oh.. those berries look yummy! Strawberry shortcake is one of my all time favorites :-)

Julie said...

Yummy, Yummy strawbwerries are my favorite! (but I'm too lazy to pick them). I totally agree with you about washing them though! YUCK - the thought of what is on them.

Oh, and that's really weird that you have the same exact bag and just read "my" book!